The Paschal Mystery Proclaimed in Creation

My last column at Catholic World Report delved into the Church’s belief that each creature—even those we find irritating or inconsequential—mirrors the beauty of the divine Logos in our world. Yet, even as every feature of the cosmos reflects its Creator, the Catholic tradition underscores something further in connection with this. As St. Gregory of Nyssa said in the fourth century, “all the fullness of nature together” in some way bears the image of God. But how, precisely, does the fabric of the universe as a whole manifest its divine Origin?

Bringing together the best of ancient and modern Christian thinkers, in my latest column I explore how the entire cosmos images the Incarnate Lord through its character that may be described as cruciform (cross-shaped), paschal (configured according to the pattern of Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection), or Trinitarian (modeled after the Triune God). You can read the article here at Catholic World Report.

EDIT: Here, too, is the link to a radio interview I did on this article with Marcus Peter on the EWTN / Ave Maria Radio show Kresta in the Afternoon. 



Matthew Ramage



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