Siena, San Galgano, and Florentine Masters

This week our BC group two mornings of guided tours into Florence. In Florence we visited Santa Trinita, the Dominican convent of San Marco, the Brancacci Chapel with its life of St. Peter by Masaccio, and the perfectly proportioned Santo Spirito church, designed by Brunelleschi with a crucifix by the 17-year old Michelangelo, It was so great to have an art historian guide, as otherwise I would have ended up walking right by alot of the more interesting pieces we saw.

On Friday we also took a nice day trip to Siena and San Galgano, the latter a former glorious monastery and major medieval pilgrimage site. It’s now a museum featuring a church with no roof and another beautiful little round church that seems like a honeycomb on the inside.

It is now officially Fall break for BC students in Italy, and everybody is off to the four winds. We Ramages are heading for France. I’ll post our story when we get back after break.


Matthew Ramage



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