Cosmic Covenantal Communion — A New Article in Communio International Catholic Review

I am thrilled to have recently received the author copies of my latest article entitled “Covenantal Communion between God, Man, and Creation: Reflections on an Underappreciated Dimension of Joseph Ratzinger’s Ecological Thought.” It’s an honor to have published an article on Ratzinger in this esteemed journal that he co-founded. In this piece, I draw together Benedict XVI’s key ecological insights to showcase the importance of inhabiting creation as a cosmic communion of love within the enterprise of environmental stewardship.

My piece is available only in print, but more info about the issue and a few online entries from this issue are available here.

PS: I had to include this particular picture because my copy of the journal arrived when I was home for lunch on chicken duty for the day.  Although writing about care for creation is rewarding, much more is actually putting it into practice!

PSS: For a lovely write-up on my article in relation to our work at Benedictine College’s Center for Integral Ecology, check out this piece by Tom Hoopes.




Matthew Ramage



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