A Podcast on My Favorite Classic: The Book of Genesis

Here’s a terrific new initiative that deserves our attention. Developed by my friend Jason Fugikawa, BetterPears was founded to provide a renewal of culture by connecting adult learners to the wisdom of the ancients in its original language. The central work of BetterPears is the development of such reading fellowships meeting face to face. They also have a blog and podcast at https://betterpears.com/. 

In this inaugural episode of The Confederal Reserve presented by BetterPears, Dr. Fugikawa and I discuss my favorite classic work of literature: the Book of Genesis. In this and each episode to follow, Jason will invite a guest to discuss a classical work. Modeling a conversation between friends similar to the kinds of conversations fostered by BetterPears Fellowships, The Confederal Reserve dives into insights and perspectives concerning the Great Ideas that are often overlooked and not engaged in formal studies or individual readings.



Matthew Ramage



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